Quality Policy

BA Group being a leading enterprise in Kazakhstan with a steady willingness to increase competitiveness in the market has determined development strategy and tactics based on the implementation of the international standards ISO 9001:2009. We guarantee our commitment to the declared values and consider ourselves responsible for their actions. The aim of the BA Group as service and manufacturing company is to provide services that are fully compliant with customers’ requirements and anticipate their expectations.

The Company’s objectives in the field of quality

* BA Group provides its customers with consistent high quality services in accordance with international standards and firmly believes in long term business cooperation with them.

* Human resources are a valuable asset BA Group. All employees of the Company provided fair wages and working conditions necessary to have training opportunities , the disclosure of creativity, professional growth and career.

* Suppliers and subcontractors are essential for the development of BA Group. The company aims to expand the scope and develop a favorable environment for mutually beneficial cooperation with all its partners.

Quality objectives:

– Striving for a high level of quality of service provided , allowing the company to be a leading and competitive force on the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan and beyond;

– Absence of complaints from customers , strengthening the trust of customers by guaranteeing accepted standards of quality management;

– Achieving a leading position , the continuous strengthening and development of the marketing image , extending the range of services provided;

– Systematic training and development of staff;

– Steady growth of material welfare of employees of the Company;

– Development of staff involvement in improving the Company’s activities , creating a sense of team , strengthening the corporate culture;

– Efficient use of capital invested in the company;

– Increase in the number and range of relationships with contractors , incentives to improve the quality of their services;

– Understanding of the need for change , to efficiently manage them;

– Continuous improvement of our business processes that will achieve results in line with our objectives

All activities of the BA Group aims at the constant improvement of contributing to society as a whole, creating wealth for the Republic of Kazakhstan , our partners and employees.

QHSE Policy

BA Group Policy in the field of health and safety aimed at systematically improving work conditions and safety , improving the organization of labor protection , the prevention of industrial accidents and occupational diseases.

Targets in the area of occupational health and safety

– Establishing and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace;

– Prevention of occupational injuries , occupational diseases and accidents.

Tasks in the field of QHSE

– Maintain and consistent improvement of the HSE management system;

– Take preventive measures to prevent accidents and emergencies;

– Require that contractors use the same standards and norms in the field of occupational health and safety , which are accepted in BA Group;

– To carry out activities in accordance with applicable rules and regulations of occupational health and safety;

– Revise, adjust and improve , where necessary , this policy;

– Notify all changes in this policy to all staff BA Group, the public enforcement authorities and other interested parties.

Top management of BA Group undertakes to improve the conditions and QHSE management system to inform employees of the conditions in the work place, on existing production risks and be entitled to compensation for damage to health.

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